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Exclusive Interview: SEPULTURA Frontman DERRICK GREEN Talks About Bands New Single, Joining Sepultura


STONE SOUR Makes ‘Meanwhile In Burbank…’ EP Available For Streaming, COREY TAYLOR Says Two More Cover EP’s To Be Released

STONE SOUR has made the five song “Meanwhile In Burbank…” EP featuring covers from Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, KISS, Black Sabbath, and Metallica available for streaming here. The EP was recorded live at Room 237 in Burbank, California, and was originally released April 18 only on vinyl at select record stores.

Meanwhile In Burbank… track listing:

1. We Die Young (ALICE IN CHAINS cover)
2. Heading Out To The Highway (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
3. Love Gun (KISS cover)
4. Creeping Death (METALLICA cover)
5. Children Of The Grave (BLACK SABBATH cover)

The band will release two more EP’s of cover songs titled “Straight Out Of Burbank” and “No Sleep ‘Till Burbank” according to vocalist Corey Taylor. Each will include five tracks including covers of Rage Against The Machine, Motley Crue, Bad Brains, and Violent Femmes songs.


SOiL Announces Tour Dates In Support Of COAL CHAMBER In UK, Europe; Will Then Join POWERMAN 5000 In United States

Chicago rockers SOiL will embark on a third leg of touring for their newest album “Whole“. This trek takes them across the UK and Europe during May/June in support of the recently reunited Coal Chamber. It then brings them back through the United States in June/July alongside Powerman 5000. See details below.


SOiL heads to the UK In support of recently re-united Coal Chamber In May/June

In June, SOiL will continue touring in support of Coal Chamber alongside American Head Charge In Europe on the following dates:

01.06.15 NL – Amsterdam / Melkweg Max
02.06.15 LUX – Luxembourg / Kulturfabrik
03.06.15 BE – Antwerp / Trix
04.06.15 DE – Wiesbaden / Schlachthof
07.06.15 AT – Vienna / Vienna Rocks

As June begins to wind down, SOiL then makes their way back to the United States to join Powerman 5000 & 3 Years Hollow. Click on image for cities/venues near you…


U.S. dates in which SOiL will join Powerman 5000 (June 23 – July 18)

All upcoming dates can be found at:


Exclusive Interview: SATURATE Guitarist MIKE MEXAS Discusses The Writing Process, Touring & The Hard Work Involved

By: Brooke Edgewater

   In 2005 the band Saturate was formed. Saturate’s unique sound was so diverse when they hit the Texas scene that they were described as being nothing less than “utterly raw and refreshingly original.‘  They won even more notoriety with lyrics that combined eloquent poetry to an amazingly sick riff. This alone, caused the band’s name to ripple from Texas all the way to Louisiana rapidly, as word continued to spread. Their debut album, Soul Element, was produced and released independently on August 19, 2008, only to rotate successfully around the country, gaining momentum from that point on.

 Soul Element was released in December of 2006, then re-released in 2008 through a distribution contract that put the album on shelves at Best Buy, Hot topic and other franchises. Their second album, in 2010, ‘The Point of No Return’ was released independently that summer. The first single off the sophomore album, Keep Digging, is provides a more upbeat groove with a driving hook.” The bands third album, Damage The Memory, would once again mesmerize their fan base and more with the heavy, harmoniously haunting melodies that has become their trademark.  Jimmy Miller (Vocals), Mike Mexas (Guitar), Hector Porras (Bass) and Fernando Cruz (Drums) have been described as a “Houston based four-piece rock quartet” ever since.

    Guitarist Mike Mexas sat down and gave us a personal and in-depth view of the workings behind the music in the following interview, enjoy. 10409257_746939005359910_1251571822667998820_n
 Brooke: I have researched all of your albums, and I have to admit, you guys have evolved over the years, so I would like to start at the beginning. How did you end up with a guitar in your hands? Was it childhood curiosity that you have always been fascinated with the idea or did your passion develop later on in life?
Mike: The first time I really took notice of the guitar was at the age of 12 when I saw the video for ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ from Nirvana, I knew I wanted to play guitar, write, record and tour.
Brooke: What other music inspired you to begin your musical career?
Mike: Nirvana had the most influence on me musically, but bands like Coal Chamber, Deftones, Flaw and Korn have as well. I also enjoy all the other styles of music that have influenced me. It’s not just one particular style I listen to.
Brooke:What and where was your first gig? Can you describe what it was like?
Mike: (Laughs) Well, my first time playing a gig was in 7th grade at a talent show for my school with a couple of friends…We played ‘Blind’ by Korn in front of the whole school and it was a total disaster!10402709_766059813447829_9201599884471074144_n
Brooke: How did you end up meeting Jimmy, Hector, and Fernando?
Mike: I moved from New Orleans to Houston to pursue music on a more serious level, because there wasn’t a scene in my hometown. It was just playing shows in front of all your friends and drinking, which wasn’t getting me anywhere. I met the guys from a CD me and my old drummer recorded when we got to Houston. The first time we jammed with Jimmy, we knew we had our guy, and found Hector through mutual friends we knew from other bands. Fernando came into the band 3 years ago, after our old drummer had to step down because of personal reasons.
Brooke: If you could describe each band member with one or two words, what would they be?
Mike: I can as a band,  we are all passionate about writing music and have the same goals of where we want to be.
Brooke: What was it like when Soul Element was released, then re-released in 2008, where you could actually walk into your local Best Buy or Hot Topic and see all the bands hard work available on shelves?
Mike: It was a huge step for us getting signed on that record, for sure…It helped us a lot to grow as a band. The only downside is that we never saw a penny from that record and there wasn’t much push behind it, but that’s the game and how the industry is.
Brooke: Your songs vary a great deal from Soul Element to Keep Digging, then on to a personal favorite of mine, In Our Own Way. What seems to influence the music you write the most?
Mike:  Everyday life, from my perspective. When things happen or emotions are there. I pick up a guitar, and most of the time I can write a full song on the spot about what I’m feeling. It’s the same for the other guys when they write…It’s therapy for us and a way to release what is in our heads.19994_10155516544405341_5517548533578309622_n
Brooke: What is one of your favorite Saturate songs and why? What does it mean to you?
Mike: That’s kinda hard, but I would have to say ‘The Great Divide’ because it was my grandma’s favorite one before she passed away from cancer, the last guitar part in the song always hits me every time we play it.
Brooke: The band is described as having a “raw edge and an original sound“… What kind of writing process do you use for your songs? The order of things, if you will…
Mike: Guitars first, then  drums, bass and Jimmy writes lyrics and vocal parts last, which has always worked best as a band.
Brooke: You’re on tour right now with Kelen Heller and you’ve shared the stage with Korn, Nonpoint, and Five Finger Death Punch to name a few. What is it like preparing for a tour,  and the time spent touring, meeting different bands, and the numerous new people you come across everyday?
Mike: This tour has been awesome! We met our brothers in Kelen Heller, who are amazing human beings and amazing musicians, check them out!  As in touring, it’s very hard, as in daily routine because of the schedule and going from city to city every night. But the shows pay off and that’s why we do it!  We do it for the fans that relate to our music!
Brooke: One question I have always been curious about, what is your frame of mind right before you step out on stage and what does it feel like when you do, only to see a sea of screaming fans that are stoked to see you guys?
Mike: My frame of mind varies from each night, but almost always I just want to play my heart out, no matter what.
Brooke: Is Saturate currently working on any new material? Another album perhaps?
Mike: Our next album is called ‘The Separation Effect’! We have already shot the video for the first single ‘Unyielding’, and we’re just waiting for the album to finish being mixed, which takes some time to get right.
Brooke: When is your next tour date?
Mike: We are currently in Augusta, Georgia. Tour ends May 3rd at Scout Bar in Houston, Texas, then we are back out in July.
Brooke: Which cities do you enjoy playing in the most?
Mike: (Laughs) All of them!
Brooke: …And last but not least, if you could go back to visit a younger version of yourself before your success with Saturate, what bit of advice would you give the younger Mike Mexas, and why?
Mike: If you want to be in this industry, you must have tough skin and be willing to do everything to get your band out there. Be you and don’t try to copy bands because that is what’s killing the industry with a lack of creativity just to make it…which I have no respect for bands like that. If you never give up and you know that the people you are with have the same goals it’s one team…you will conquer! it’s not as glamorous as what people think.10644162_10154958376915341_3955847099446915988_o
Brooke: Thank you so much! My goal in doing this interview is to show how badass the band is, to get a band, I believe, that has worked their asses off to get where they are now and get the recognition they deserve. You’ve been awesome Mexas, and as we say in the south…I appreciate you.
  – Brooke Edgewater / Daily Rock Report

FLAW Vocalist Chris Volz Talks About Childhood, Learning Music, Finding Flaw, DROWNING POOL’s Dave William’s Untimely Death

Exclusive Interview: SEPULTURA Frontman DERRICK GREEN Talks About Bands New Single, Joining Sepultura

By: Donnie Hardin

Sepultura long time vocalist Derrick Green needs no introduction to metal heads. Green took over vocal duties for the thrash metal legends in 1997 when the band parted ways with Max Cavalera. Derrick has proven over and over again that the band made the right decision after a two-week audition process. Going on eighteen years as the bands vocalist, Green has brought all the power, the angst, and the aggression any metal fan could desire.
I remember picking up a copy of his debut with Sepultura, 1998’s ‘Against‘. Having been a hardcore Sepultura fan I was curious and totally biased toward the vocals of Max Cavalera. But within the first weeks of owning the cd, I was sold. The band, I imagine, went through a similar process during his two-week audition when ultimately, they realized, Derrick Green was the guy.
Derrick kindly took some precious personal time while on tour to answer questions for the Daily Rock Report, so we are very grateful to share with you, our Q&A’s with Sepultura frontman Derrick Green!

Derrick Green - Sepultura

Derrick Green – Sepultura

Q) As a child, what kind of music or artists first grabbed your attention?

I grew up listening to a lot of classical music at a young age. My mother was a music teacher who played piano and sang. I like Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, and Verdi. I then discovered new and heavier music from friends from school and the radio. AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Berry, Queen, Led Zeppelin, the rock classics. At the same time I was always a big fan of Jazz. Miles Davis, Chet Baker, and John Coltrane.

Q) At what age did you feel inspired to want to join a band of your own? Going into this era of your life, who was your #1 inspiration to do so?

I was age 14 and was encouraged to sing by my mother, but I was totally inspired by Bad Brains and Cro-Mags to join a band. I had never heard or seen anything like it!

Q) Describe the first time you got together with other people to try to jam as a band? What was it like?

It was invigorating as soon as we were done jamming. I wanted to do it all over again! I was hooked and there was no turning back. It was a relaxing feeling being completely open with close friends and no one judging you for who you are. It sounded like crap I’m sure but what we were hearing was the chance to get better at our instruments and sharing in this desire.

Q) At age 15 you joined the band ‘Outface’ as the singer. You were previously a roadie, how did you secure the vocal position?

We were all very good friends and since I knew all the songs and already spent so much time with the band it happened very naturally. It was the most logical decision plus I loved the band and wanted to do it 100%!

Q) You would eventually move away from Ohio to New York City, what was it like for you at this time moving to a new, huge city? What was the music scene like in New York?

My sister is nine years older than I am, and she had been going to school in New York and living there. I spent time visiting her there anytime possible. I had friends who were musicians from New York that I met before moving there. This all helped in making the transition easy. I knew I wanted to be there at a very young age. 

Q) In 1997 you tried out for metal legends Sepultura over the course of a two-week period. Explain what this time period was like, how confident were you during the actual audition process?

I wasn’t sure what was going to happen at all. I never met them before and I had no idea how they were as people. I just went there being myself and open as possible with everyone. It was very relaxed the first week being there I think they wanted me to feel comfortable. I went to the beach, football games, and family events of the band members. I was thrown right into the mix of there lives.

Q) You were eventually named the lead vocalist of Sepultura, a band that was very established and HUGE at the time, once it was made official to name you as vocalist, how excited were you? Was there a lot of pressure knowing that you had to replace Max Cavalera, who Sepultura fans were extremely loyal to?

I guess I was naive to a lot of things that had been going on in the past. The pressure might have been worst!  I knew that I wanted to do my best within the band and that would come with time. Touring and playing was going to be the best way to get to know each other and that’s what we’ve been doing for years.
I didn’t get into heavy music at young age to get the approval of everyone around me. It was the same feeling joining Sepultura. It wasn’t about getting approval from everyone around me but just the members of the band. What other people were thinking didn’t matter so much because they weren’t in the same position I was in. I was going through a big change in my life and I needed to stay focus with that.
Q) What are some of the most memorable moments of your career? (People you’ve met, shared the stage with, etc.)

There was touring in Europe with Slayer and Systems of a Down. Touring with Metallica in South America. Playing for 80,000 people in Cuba. Playing almost all the Rock in Rio festivals in Brazil. Touring with Motorhead in the U.K. and Europe. Touring in India. Touring coast to coast in Russia. Working with Ross Robinson. Meeting Rush!

Q) You are currently on tour with Sepultura, is the band currently working on material for a new album? What can we look forward to from Sepultura, are there any other projects separate from the band you would like to discuss?

We are not really working on any new songs but we will have a new song being released around the time as the first Rock in Rio festival in Las Vegas May 9, 2015. We plan on playing the festival and doing a collaboration with Steve Vai. The new song we wrote is a dedication to our fans but especially fans with Sepultura tattoos. The song title: “Sepultura Under My Skin!”.
We will start our North American tour directly after Rock in Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada. In July and August we will be touring  Europe doing festivals and our own gigs at the same time. You can check our website or Facebook page for the tour dates.

U.S. Black Metal Bands Khaotika, Wormreich Involved In Deadly Accident

Tragedy struck earlier this morning in GA, as a 15-passenger van carrying two bands – Khaotika and Wormreich – crashed, causing multiple fatalities, and leaving others in critical condition.

From the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Georgia State Patrol Cpl. Scott Smith said the driver of the 15-passenger van “apparently fell asleep and allowed the vehicle to leave the roadway, at which time the vehicle struck a tree on the passenger side.”

Three of the van’s 12 occupants were ejected, Smith said.

He said there were three fatalities on the scene. Eight other people were taken to local hospitals, three in critical condition.

The van was traveling from a show last night in Spartansburg, South Carolina, about 175 miles away. They were on their way to play The Basement in Atlanta, GA tonight, which has now been cancelled. The tour, which began on Friday, was to have wrapped up tonight. The names of the deceased have not yet been released.

khaotika wormreich van crash

Exclusive Interview: FLAW Drummer Corey Sturgill Discusses His Influences, Keeping Cool Under Pressure, Upcoming Tour

Corey Sturgill - Flaw

Corey Sturgill – Flaw

By: Donnie Hardin
Drummer Corey Sturgill is the newest member of Flaw, but that doesn’t intimidate the hard-hitting skin basher. With an album and his first ever long-term tour with the Flaw ahead of him, Corey is calm and “cool as a cucumber“, clearly displaying the marks of the quintessential professional musician who has his sights focused on the promising future ahead of him. Corey is armed with a good head on his shoulders, incredible skill, and as a bonus, has a great sense of humor, the perfect fit for Flaw.

Q) Tell us about Corey Sturgill as a child, growing up and discovering music. What’s the first thing you remember hearing that gave you that rush?

I had a Walkman  cassette player, and my dad had a copy of the Sevendust album ‘Home‘, I listened to it constantly...the heavy guitars and awesome drums. I STILL listen to that record!

Q) When did you get your first set of drums (or other instrument)? Explain how it felt, what kind of drums were they, what color, etc? Those very first moment of realizing you had your very own kit, who was your idol? 

I started playing on pillows at age 8. My grandmother saw me playing on everything and decided to get me a drum set for Christmas when i was 10 (1999). They were a blue precision percussion set. I remember walking into the basement and I got so pumped, I immediately started putting them together (wrong) lol but i jammed away. Of course i listened to the Sevendust record and played along to it. So you could say one of my “idols” starting out was Morgan Rose, the drummer of Sevendust.

Q) Eventually you ran into some other kids and they found out you were a drummer, (the hardest member in a band to find IMO), and of course, you guys set up your first ever jam session of you life with other people. How old were you? Who were they? What did you guys attempt to play? How did it feel to have that feeling of ‘Yeah! I’m in a band!”?

Right away I started a band with with my buddy Jayson Johnson, still my homie til this day. He played guitar and recorded our first song on a tape recorder. We were so pumped! Our band was called L.E.D., and I don’t think it stood for anything. lol

Q) Name your FIVE favorite drummers, (give or take one), that really shaped your playing skills. Which of those has influenced you the most til this very day?
Top five favorite drummers would be Danny Carey from Tool, Josh Freese from A Perfect Circle, Chris Coleman, Tony Royster Jr., and Aaron Spears.The drummer who influenced me the most was Josh Freese. Because he has literally played with everyone in the music business. Great player, very in the pocket but surprises you with something flashy every once in awhile.
Q) Tell us ALL about your very first gig. How nervous were you? What was the band called? What songs did you guys play? How did it go?

I grew up playing in church and playing in my youth group and stuff like that.. But my first REAL show was with a band called Primal Dust. My dad was the singer and guitar player. It was at Bulldog Cafe (Fairdale, Kentucky). It went very well. I wasn’t really nervous cause there was only twenty people there lol, plus I played at church in front of a bunch of people on a regular basis so i wasn’t very nervous. I’m usually good under pressure

Q) Tell us when playing in a band became REAL. When the focused and serious musicianship really took over you and the band you were playing with. Who was the band, etc.?

 Playing in Johari brought a whole other side to being in a band. good musicians and business minded. made me realize how hard it can be. My goal was always to keep pushing my limits as a drummer, strive to be the best (knowing that I’m not) but I’m always trying to learn more about the drums. A lot of musicians reach a point where they are comfortable and stop learning, I never Wanna stop!

Q) Explain the evolution of Corey Sturgill up this point of your career, you landed a precious gig with FLAW, how exactly did this amazing opportunity manifest itself and become reality? Tell us about your other band JOHARI, which remains active, is that correct?

 Started drumming at eight-years-old, got my kit at age ten. I was so in love with drums!! I remember I asked my dad one day when i was like eleven, “How do you become a professional drummer?” he said, “Learn as much as you can and be really good!“, so I learned by ear for a long time and when i was fifteen-years-old, I wanted to take lessons because I  wasn’t learning anything on my own.

  I took jazz lessons because I always heard it was the hardest, then I began playing in church and other random projects. Jay Daunt (Flaw, guitarist) happened to see me play one time and liked my style. So when they began looking for a new drummer I was the first person he hit up. I’m honored and can’t wait to show everyone what i can do. Johari is a metalcore band here in Louisville, still active and about to release an awesome new record! We (Johari) have a drummer who fills in when i can’t play shows. Great music and great guys!

Q) How different are the two playing styles going from Johari to Flaw? Do you feel that you sort of, take on a different persona, or alter-ego with each band once you get behind the kit? Explain how different the two feel in the heat of the moment (live shows).  
I’ve always considered myself a DRUMMER, Not a “metal drummer” or “rock drummer” etc, I feel like I can play either style well. I try to be as well rounded as possible. Flaw shows are intense! The crowd is so energetic! You can tell Flaw fans are very passionate about the songs, and Johari shows are just super energetic and fun. 
Q) Flaw has a tour with the band SEASONS AFTER coming up… is this your first extensive tour, in which on several occasions the band will be performing night after night in a different town? If so, surely there are just a hint of butterflies lingering inside you (In a good way). How excited are you to hit the road with the professional and seasoned veterans in Chris Volz, Jay Daunt, and Ryan Jurhs? Do they have you so well tuned and prepared that you are cool as a cucumber? Or do you just calmly bottle up your nerves, save all of that energy, and just explode with thunderous, controlled chaos while throwing down on the drums during shows? 11130615_10152834245311347_1803104282_n
  I’ve done some touring with Johari, nothing more than two-weeks, so yes… this is my first long tour. I’m very excited! I love to travel and see new places. I’ve played a couple of shows out of town with Flaw, but honestly every time we play in Louisville I get nervous lol. All my friends and family are there as well as the die-hard fans that have been with Flaw since day one.  I’m way more comfortable on the road. I don’t know many people out there, so it’s no pressure really. We practice on a regular basis so I should be cool as a cucumber, But ready slam on some drums!

Q) Lastly, tell us what kind of kit you play, cymbals, etc. How many pairs of sticks do you foresee blasting through during the REAWAKENING TOUR? 

My live kit is a PDP/DW birch kit, with K-custom cymbals…and I’ll probably go through two-pairs of sticks a night. I play HARD!
FLAW and SEASONS AFTER kick off The Reawakening Tour on May 2, 2015, see below for dates...

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