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LEO MORACCHIOLI: Inside The Mind of A Mad Musical Genius Turned Internet Sensation Embraced By Millions

By: Father Avery
Father Avery

Father Avery

Okay, so one day I was rolling through YouTube checking out metal remakes of pop songs. I stumble upon this guy who remade Meghan Trainor’s mega pop hit ‘All About That Bass”, it was greatly amusing at first, then the shock factor kicked in once my brain had processed the talent involved required to do such a thing.
Overwhelmed, I lost my mind! It was not only an incredibly hilarious video to watch and share enthusiastically, but the music was brilliantly arranged and executed in a way that only a gifted musician with an ear for creating and engineering something so open-minded, funny yet absolutely talented, and become an internet star viewed by millions upon millions of viewers, could pull off. The vocals were…let’s see, hmm.. (how do I say) ….oh yeah, AMAZING!
Here is the deal, I caught up with Leo, whose music I’ve been seriously jamming like crazy as of late, to ask him some questions, and get inside the mind of a musical genius and bring you all along for the enlightening ride.
FA: Leo …What’s up bud? First I gotta ask. what made you start making these videos covering tunes like ‘All About That Bass’, ‘Rolling In The Deep’ (my favorite), ‘Like a Virgin’, and so much more? 
Leo: Thanks a lot for the kind words! Yeah, I run a music studio here in Norway called Frog Leap Studios. I play mostly acoustic shows so I started doing acoustic cover songs on my You Tube channel to promote myself in my area.
But I come from a metal background, and one day I decided to do a metal cover of Lady Gaga´s Poker Face for fun. Well, that kinda exploded online, and after hitting a million views I decided, “Hey, this could be an awesome thing to do, AND make money off of!” I love music and film stuff, so my life is really good at the moment!
F.A:  I already know because I have watched pretty much every video you have done, but what type of recording programs, and/or equipment do you use for most of your recording and these Kick-Ass videos?
LEO: For music I record on ‘Reaper’, which is basically newer recording software, but man..  I really like it! I vary a lot between my 6 and 7-string guitars on the covers, doing all sorts of tuning. Mainly running both my bass and guitar tone through the Kemper Profiling Amp.
 Also have to plug to Toontrack products, which I’ve used for many years, which is very good for beginners and one-man-bands, (like myself).
FA: Okay so.. I gotta know what’s the story behind the shirts in the videos? Is it a coincidence or do you purposely wear super hero shirts? (Hehe)
LEO: I haven’t really thought about that so much. I am a fan of like, funny t-shirts as well as being a film/superhero fan that is what I often buy! I´ve always wore like, black band shirts since getting into metal at around 15 years of age, but in later years I grew a little tired of it.
FA: I’ve seen some great vids you have done, but some of the greats are of you, and I assume your daughter? How much fun are your vids to make?
LEO: Yeah, she´s my daughter and she just turned 4-years-old. It´s great to have her with me in some of the videos… but it´s not always easy to get her to stand in front of the camera at that age! (hehe). She would rather run all over the place so there´s a lot of editing going on there.
FA: You don’t just remake pop songs and videos, can you tell us a little about some of the other things you do? Bands, performing live, anything of that nature?
LEO: I have played in several different bands the last twenty years, but not so much the last few, since I´m kind of sick of the traveling (train/car for twelve-hours for a case of beer?!). Now I work full-time in the studio. which is right outside of my house, recording and producing bands, doing music video work, play acoustic shows and this YouTube thing the last few months. So… it´s kind of a luxury problem now on what I should prioritize. I play in a Pantera tribute band called ‘Trendkill’, mainly for fun. We´re actually going to Israel this fall for a gig! Looking forward to that.
FA: I have to ask being a Kentucky boy, what made you do the video for ‘Man of Constant Sorrow
with the doll?!? (Hehe)
LEO: I don’t know man! It was a few years ago, but probably seeing my daughters doll laying around and just decided to use it. Always looking for things to use in my videos, especially now when I´m doing one every week, so I often end up with her stuff! (hehe)
FA: Now..  the question everyone gets asked. Influences: What music out there would eventually create who you have become today musically?
LEO: As I get older, there´s always those bands you started with that are kind of your main influence. For me it was Pantera and Rage Against The Machine that started it all!  I’ve always been a fan of Mike Patton and that kind of crazy stuff one can do with their unique voice. Nowadays it varies a lot from month to month what I´m into. Right now it´s Die Antwoord, Steve Vai, and Queens Of The Stone Age.
My part in this place is to do everything I can to spread the word about music and people and anything out there that I believe deserves more attention. Bands and musicians can’t be relevant unless they are insanely talented and deserve every single ear to hear what they bring into the musical world.
FA: Leo… bud, I can say with full confidence you are one of those people. The very first of many more to come. I can state with every being of my confidence that soon millions more will come to know all about Leo Moracchioli. With talent like yours it is simply inevitable!
It was an absolute honor to talk with you, and have the opportunity to do our part in spreading the word about your unique, musically refreshing genius minded talents. 
LEO: Thanks man, that’s awesome to hear! Yeah, I´m not into this for the fame or anything. I do what I do because I really love doing it!

STONE SOUR Makes ‘Meanwhile In Burbank…’ EP Available For Streaming, COREY TAYLOR Says Two More Cover EP’s To Be Released

STONE SOUR has made the five song “Meanwhile In Burbank…” EP featuring covers from Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, KISS, Black Sabbath, and Metallica available for streaming here. The EP was recorded live at Room 237 in Burbank, California, and was originally released April 18 only on vinyl at select record stores.

Meanwhile In Burbank… track listing:

1. We Die Young (ALICE IN CHAINS cover)
2. Heading Out To The Highway (JUDAS PRIEST cover)
3. Love Gun (KISS cover)
4. Creeping Death (METALLICA cover)
5. Children Of The Grave (BLACK SABBATH cover)

The band will release two more EP’s of cover songs titled “Straight Out Of Burbank” and “No Sleep ‘Till Burbank” according to vocalist Corey Taylor. Each will include five tracks including covers of Rage Against The Machine, Motley Crue, Bad Brains, and Violent Femmes songs.